Your decentralised cloud computing network.

Cudos unites cloud and blockchain. We use spare computing to create a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world.

Cudos Bridge

The Cudos Bridge is the tool for migrating or “bridging” your holdings between the Ethereum and the Cudos blockchains. Depending on what you want to do with your holdings, you could want them present on either blockchain and this tool allows you to switch them in either direction.


A decentralised, sustainable and connected world where no computing is wasted.


Empower people and organisations to earn and save through cheaper, accessible, and sustainable computing by utilising spare capacity.



Over $1 trillion is spent on IT hardware annually.

Yet, its computational resources are unused up to 50% of the time.


10X More Cost Effective

Our Cudos network is a layer 2 oracle network, governed by smart contracts. We connect cloud computing users to a global pool of resources. Our network is a distributed computing platform. You get up to 10x more cost-effective computing and more value from your hardware.

Creating value

Smart Contracts & dApps

Deploy scalable smart contracts in Rust or Solidity enabling faster and more efficient DeFi and dApps.

Scale-out Layer 2 compute

Scalable decentralised blockchain compute (Bridges).

Scale-out decentralised cloud

Provision practically any WASM, container or virtual machine workload to one of the worlds largest distributed networks with over 300,000 users.

Low cost, fast transactions

Our network completes low-cost transactions in seconds to enable scalable applications.

Create NFT’s & digital assets

Deploy NFT’s and make your assets digital or build your own tokens.


Connect to Oracles for data services on/off-chain or deploy your own data services to our network and all bridged blockchains.


The environment

The computational needs of our tech-driven world put an enormous ecological strain on the planet. The inefficient use of the existing computational resources compounds the problem. Our decentralised cloud solution helps the environment by utilising spare computing resources.



People from low-cost energy, low-income developing countries can benefit from our solution. Charities could gather unused devices and donate them to families in these regions to help them generate income.

14 Validators on our incentivised testnet

Over half a Million user accounts created

43,141 Workers

22k Registered for Project Artemis

(Stats and Figures taken: October 11th, 4pm BTS 2021)


Our Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem

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“The pace and progress of Cudo is incredible and we are impressed by Cudo’s team and model. As a cloud operator providing HPC services we were pleased to deploy a large new infrastructure investment in support of load from the Cudo compute environment. As part of this we rapidly deployed Cudo customised software and have found the development and support team to be knowledgeable and responsive.”

Andy Long, Strategy Advisor

“With the upcoming launch of Ultra, we selected Cudo as our technology partner for our distributed computing application, integrated into our gaming platform, it provides gamers Worldwide with a way to earn additional UOS that can be redeemed and used within the Ultra ecosystem, for purchasing games, virtual items, gaming hardware, … Cudo understood from day 1, that adding further value to our network of gamers is intrinsically important to Ultra’s success and they have always led development with that in mind…”

Nicolas Gilot, CEO Ultra

“We immediately saw the value Cudo’s platform would bring to our network of investors, eager to find new and innovative ways of generating revenue. Cudo has positioned themselves to disrupt the status quo, at the same time as connecting traditional and blockchain consumers through a single, scalable and distributed platform…”

Chris Starkey, Co-Founder NexGen Cloud

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2021 Q1

  • UDOS ERC-20 Token Live
  • Token Listings
  • Exchange Staking
  • ALGO integration in Cudo Applications
  • 250,000 Users Signed Up to Cudo
  • 50,000 Active nodes in 145 countries on Cudo Network
  • First 30 Validators signed up on Cudos Network

2021 Q2

  • Cudos Private Testnet – “Cognitum”
  • 350,000 Users Signed Up to Cudo
  • Cudos First Testnet Validators live
  • Carbon Neutral Blockchain
  • Blockchain & Validator Explorer
  • Wallet Integrations
  • NFT Support

2021 Q3

  • Cudos On-chain staking **EARLY Q3**
  • Cudos Incentivised Public Testnet – “Somniorum”
  • Cudos payouts to all Cudo / Cudominer users
  • Ethereum Bridge & Cosmos IBC Bridge
  • Turing Complete Smart Contract, initially with Rust support
  • Community Governance Proposals
  • Hardware Encryption Support
  • Testnet Support for Compute Workloads
  • Launch Cudos Grants Program
  • Launch 1st Cudos Hackathon
  • Cudos Mainnet V1 with BFT Consensus – “Ingenii”
  • Cudos SDK

2021 Q4

  • ERC-20 to Cudos native token migration begins
  • Cudos Mainnet V2 (Scalable Compute)
  • Algorand Bridge
  • Polkadot Bridge
  • V1 Data Oracle
  • V1 Compute Oracle
  • Launch 2nd Cudos Hackathon


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CUDOS is not an investment vehicle, it is the utility for a next-generation cloud.

Our Brands

CUDO Miner

Cudo’s Mining Platform is a crypto mining application that allows automated crypto mining, reducing manual configuration and intervention by up to 95% without losing profitability or control for the user.


CUDO Compute

We’re a global decentralised cloud computing platform providing a vast range of computing and networking services. Designed to deliver the next generation of dWeb and Edge applications, Cudo Compute allows organisations and developers like you to deploy, run and scale based on demand and growth.



Every day, our platforms deliver value to our users that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics and volatility.